Rehana Seedat

Restore Hydration Powder has assisted in boosting my energy levels, alertness and helped with dehydration. Not to mention, it does alleviate symptoms of diarrhoea as well. I would recommend Restore Hydration Powder, my fatigue fighter and energy booster anytime to individuals who suffer from similar problems to mine.

Fareedha Khan.

My uncle had been suffering from diarrhoea he took RESTORE Hydration Powder and he felt much better with more energy, he had been feeling very weak from his medication so I recommend people to use it!

Linda Jansen van Rensburg

My son is very athletic and plays rugby for his first team. He tried RESTORE Hydration powder before playing each match and it really gives him more perfomance and keeps him hydrated as well. I will recommend this to parents who have children that are active in sports!!

Mike Andrews

Just to let you know that we did close on 300km of riding since last Thursday and the guys at Westgate Wheelers are RAVING about the quality of RESTORE.
So now....I need another 2 boxes....and we’re going to put up a posting on our Facebook page regarding our experiences with RESTORE.

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